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In Nevada and throughout the United States, many fathers struggle to obtain equal parenting rights during a divorce, or even following the birth of a child.  Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney Kari Molnar understands the issues which effect fathers within the family law system. Nevada law presumes that a child should have a positive, equal relationship with both parents, and Kari will work to ensure that such a relationship is maintained.

Nevada Equal Parenting Rights Lawyers

One common myth regarding parenting rights is that the mother automatically retains primary custody of a child. Fortunately, Nevada law presumes that a father and mother should share equal or joint custody. Therefore, Nevada recognizes the rights of a father as being no less than those of a mother. Kari has been successful in gaining custody for fathers as well as mothers.

It is important that you retain an equal parenting lawyer who has experience in Nevada’s family law system. Kari has extensive litigation experience in family court and, prior to opening her own practice, worked at one of Las Vegas’ premiere family law firms. Kari’s aggressive and effective legal representation can make the difference in ensuring that your case is handled correctly. This allows you to focus on your family while Kari focuses on keeping your legal affairs in order.

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Attorney Kari Molnar will regularly keep you up to date on the status of your case through phone, email, and in person meetings. By hiring Kari, you will never wonder what the status of your case is as your attorney will be in constant communication.She takes pride in the level of service she provides to her clients

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Fathers worry about many things and the cost of legal representation should not be one of them. Kari’s rates are fair and reasonable.

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