Child hugging fatherThis is the next post in a series of articles discussing situations in which a Las Vegas, Nevada father may seek a protective order against his child’s mother. The previous post reviewed the process for presenting a request for a protective order to the court. It also stressed the importance of retaining a knowledgeable attorney to represent one’s interests. In this article, I will address what a father should do after a TPO has been issued to help ensure the ongoing safety of himself and child. If you are in immediate danger, contact the police. If you need assistance obtaining a protective order, contact my office today to speak with a fathers’ rights lawyer.

Fathers must comply with the TPO’s restrictions after the order is granted by a Las Vegas court

The court’s primary concern when asked to issue a TPO is protecting the victim. It is imperative for the victim to also comply with the temporary protective order to help ensure their ongoing safety once a protective order is granted. This means that after a father obtains a protective order against his child’s mother, he should avoid contact with her whenever possible. If his child is also a victim who is protected under the order, he should ensure that the child should avoid contact as well being sure to follow the judge’s instructions regarding visitation, etc. Staying away from locations where she is known to frequent will help prevent confrontations that could put either of them at unnecessary risk. A protected father should also consider making several copies of the order and keeping a copy in the glove box of his vehicle. By doing so, he will be able to provide the order to law enforcement should a violation occur while away from home. Depending upon the situation, it may also be necessary to notify his employer or the child’s school or daycare about the TPO. If the mother contacts his employer or shows up at the child’s school or daycare facility, the appropriate third parties will be aware of the situation and be able to notify the authorities as needed.

Violations of a protective order should be reported to Las Vegas law enforcement immediately

All violations of protective orders should be reported to the police immediately. Violations should also be communicated to the victim’s attorney as soon as possible after law enforcement has been notified. Reporting the violations is crucial to maintaining an existing protective order. Failing to do so may not only encourage additional bad behavior by the child’s mother, but may also result in the court’s determination that an ongoing order is unnecessary. Depending on the severity of the violation, the police may arrest her or issue an official warning that she has violated a court order. In addition, failure to comply may result in the judge holding her in contempt of court, leading to potential jail time or fines.

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