Children running back to schoolThis is the final post in my series discussing child custody issues Las Vegas fathers often have to deal with as their children grow older and go back to school. I began this series because often the custody arrangement that is put in place when the children are younger no longer applies as children grow older and their schedules become more complicated. While navigating new needs that the child has can be tricky most parents can avoid additional Court intervention with a bit of forethought and planning.

Throughout this series I have provided a number of tips on how dads can help keep the peace and keep the entire family’s schedule running smoothly. My posts have included:

Throughout this series I have stressed the importance of communication between both the two parents and between the parents and child. By putting systems in place that are designed to keep both parents up to date about the child’s activities, schedules, and needs, parents can avoid hurt feelings and miscommunications. When everyone has all of the information they need both parents can focus on being present for their child and bickering between parents can be kept to a minimum.
When a minor change to a parenting schedule is needed it is always preferred to keep the family out of Court unless necessary. However, there are always exceptions and it is at times best to have a Judge sign off on an official change. If you are not sure whether or not you need to head back to the Clark County Family Court then consulting with a family law attorney is always a safe idea. Call our Las Vegas office today to schedule a consultation.