Child at schoolLas Vegas fathers may find it difficult to adjust as children head back to school. The more relaxed visitation hours of summer make room for children’s packed schedules of lessons, activities, and sports’ practices. It can also be difficult for divorced parents to modify a visitation schedule as children grow older and their available time becomes more limited. I am using this post to begin a series which will discuss tips for parents to consider as children go back to school and I will look at when it is and is not appropriate to head back to the Clark County Family Court.

Many divorced parents can avoid potential problems during the school year with a small amount of planning and forethought. Over my upcoming posts I will discuss a number of topics which can become problematic to parents. Such issues can generally be worked out with minimal Court intervention. Throughout this series I will be discussing:

  • The importance of identifying changes that affect last year’s school schedule ahead of time
  • Finding a balance between flexible visitation time and enforcing custody rights
  • How to ensure that both parents are kept in the loop with regards to the child’s education
  • The importance of keeping an up-to-date calendar that everyone can see
  • When a problem cannot be mutually worked out and a father should consider going back to Court

Back to school time is often an adjustment for the entire family. Children are given more homework, become involved in more activities, and begin to spend more time with friends. Divorced parents can navigate these yearly changes by planning ahead and keeping the lines of communication open whenever possible. I am a Las Vegas fathers’ rights lawyer who is available to assist dads who value their relationship with their children but find themselves not being able to resolve child custody or visitation disagreements with the other party. If you are a father and feel that your family law issues cannot be solved outside of Court, contact my office today for a consultation.