Nevada fathers’ rights attorney Kari Molnar recently won a child custody modification for a Nevada father on the basis of the mother not utilizing her custodial time. We have recently discussed changing child custody in Nevada due to changed circumstances. In the instant matter, Kari was able to gain a Las Vegas father primary custody due to the nature of the relationship between the child and each parent.

The parent-child relationship is a key component to Nevada child custody law

Changing child custody in Nevada requires one to show that circumstances have changed since the last custody order was entered. If circumstances have changed then the Court will award custody to the parent who represents the child’s best interests. In determining what is in the child’s best interests the Court will consider the history of the relationship between the child and each parent. If a parent has a stronger relationship with the child then the other parent, then the stronger relationship may result in an award of child custody.

Kari’s recent victory involved a case where the mother had not been using large portions of her time with the child. In other words, the father had been the primary caretaker. Based on this history, the Court awarded Kari’s client primary custody.

It is important that Nevada fathers utilize their custodial time

It is important that Nevada’s fathers take advantage of their court ordered time with their son or daughter. First, and most importantly, it is good for a child to know that his or her father is in the picture. This leads to healthy child development and a better long-term relationship between father and child. Second, if you are not making time for your child now the Court will assume that you are unlikely to do so in the future and may very well change custody.

Nevada law in child custody cases recognizes the rights of a father as being equal to those of a mother. It is important to remember that both sides are equally responsible for maintaining a good parent-child relationship.