father and child with suitcaseThis is the first post in a series of articles discussing child relocation requests when a Las Vegas father is forced to move outside of the area to accept new employment. The Las Vegas economy has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. For many Las Vegas fathers, layoffs, furloughs, and permanent terminations are still very much a reality.  The slow return of tourists means reduced or eliminated opportunities for hotels, casinos, restaurants, and entertainers. Many area employers will never recover and closures are being announced regularly. A portion of our unemployed residents will likely be forced to look for opportunities outside of Nevada. When a father shares custody of a child and wishes to relocate out of state with the child, he is required to obtain the permission of the Clark County Family Court. The goal of this series is to provide an overview of this process in the context of employment-driven relocation requests. If you need assistance, contact my office today to speak with a fathers’ rights attorney.

This series will address the following key topics:

  • Requesting permission to relocate out of state when new employment starts immediately
  • Preparing a relocation plan when the request is due to immediate re-employment
  • Defending against a co-parent’s request to move the child out of state
  • Requesting permission to move based on non-immediate employment reasons

Requests for relocation with a child can be among the most contentious of child custody disputes. When a request is employment driven, especially if urgent, there may not be much time to prepare for the process. It is important, therefore, to understand these points when faced with such circumstances. First, before approaching the court, one should be aware of the factors that may be important to a judge. Being armed with this information will help the requesting party prepare their case. Second, when the court is evaluating one’s request, the judge will be interested in the details about the relocation. Fathers should include as many details as possible related to the new employment opportunity, living arrangements, schools, etc. to explain the potential impact of the move on the child. Third, if a father is opposed to his co-parent’s request for relocation it is entirely possible to defend against such request. An experienced fathers’ rights lawyer can help present an effective challenge. Finally, if a relocation request is based on pursuing a non-immediate job opportunity, one will have the advantage of additional time to prepare and a less urgent legal process. It is important to understand how this may impact a father’s case.

My firm understands how Las Vegas fathers have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. I have experience in a variety of child custody issues, including relocation requests. If you need assistance, contact my office to speak to schedule a consultation with a fathers’ rights attorney.