Las Vegas Attorney Representing Fathers in Primary Custody Relocation Cases

If you are a father interested in relocating with your child, or you want to keep your child from moving away with the mother, it is important to consult an attorney who has significant experience in child relocation cases.  Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney Kari Molnar aggressively handles child relocation cases. Contact Kari at 702.966.8315 to arrange for an initial consultation.

Nevada Parental Relocation Attorneys Representing Fathers

Kari understand the importance of a father’s relationship with his child or children. Never assume that, as a father, you don’t have rights or that the mother has “all the rights.”  While there is a common misconception that mothers have more custodial rights than fathers, this is an outdated myth. Nevada law sees fathers and mothers as equal before the Court. If you wish to move with your child or you want to prevent your child from moving away, the court will consider five factors when one parent has primary custody:

  • Will the relocation improve the quality of life for the child?
  • What is the parent’s motive for wanting to relocate?
  • Has the custodial parent been complying with visitation orders? Is the custodial parent likely to comply with a modified visitation order?
  • Does the noncustodial parent support or oppose the move? What is the reason for opposing the relocation?
  • Can there be adequate long-distance visitation?

The Court typically will not allow a permanent relocation without an evidentiary hearing (which is similar to a trial). In some instances, the Court will allow a parent to temporarily move with a child before the Court makes a final decision.

A child’s relocation does not happen automatically. Kari has practiced law since 2005 and, in addition to handling relocation cases, regularly deals with cases involving divorce, child custody, paternity, and child support. She has the experience necessary to show whether or not a move is in your child’s best interests. Kari will ensure that your rights are protected by using all the tools at her disposal to build a case in regards to the best interest factors listed above. If a parent cares for a child more than 60 percent of the time, he or she is considered to have primary custody in Nevada.

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