Mother or adult giving child money isolated on whiteThis is the next post in my series addressing how one or both parents’ gambling habits could potentially affect a family law case involving a child. My last post cautioned parents who share joint custody from over utilizing the local casino’s child care service while enjoying visitation with their child. In this post, I will be explaining why the Court will not give a parent who has suffered an extreme gambling loss any type of pardon for their monthly child support payment.

Child support is based on a parent’s income and may take in certain fixed expenses such as if one has other children to support or has other adult dependents. The Court’s formula does not care about the parent’s lifestyle or if they will have to reduce their spending in certain areas to make their child support payments. If a parent has spent their child support money on recreational gambling then a Judge will not react in kind. If a parent has experienced an unexpected loss then the Court will view this irresponsibility in the same way they would view a parent buying a new car or piece of jewelry before paying their child support obligations. This reaction may include demanding that the parent catch up on payments, pay additional fines, and pay for their ex’s legal bills.

If a parent is a chronic gambler and frequently spends money at the casino before paying their child support then the Court may take extreme measures and have support taken directly out of their paycheck. A Judge can and will take this action if a parent proves that they are incapable of responsibly managing their money. The Court may also take away one’s driver’s license or even hold them in contempt of Court should a parent become too far behind in their support payments.

Gambling away one’s child support payment is a very serious matter that is best handled directly. As a Las Vegas family law attorney I can help you negotiate a payment plan to get caught up with the Court and keep sanctions to a minimum. If you are behind on child support then do not ignore the issue as doing so will only make the problem worse and may result in interest accruing. Contact my office today for a consultation.