Child Support Lawyer Assisting Las Vegas Fathers

Do you feel you are paying an incorrect amount for child support?  Do you feel that the Court is not considering your income or support you are already paying for other children?  If this is the case then contact Kari Molnar, Esq. to speak with a Las Vegas Fathers’ Rights Attorney.

Las Vegas Fathers’ Rights Lawyer ensuring that your child support amount is correct

Nevada bases your child support on your gross monthly income.  A parent will pay 18 percent of his or income for one child, 25 percent for two children, and an increasing amount for additional children.  These amounts are subject to statutory caps and the Court can reduce your child support from these amounts if you support other children.

Kari has extensive experience in ensuring that people are paying the correct amount of child support. It is not uncommon for the parent receiving child support to claim that the paying parent’s income is higher than what is actually being earned. Kari can help you present your financial records to the Court in a way that ensures your child support amount is correct.

Nevada Family Law Attorney Protecting Fathers in Areas Which Impact Child Support

In addition handling your child support matter, we can assist you in the following areas:

Contact Kari Molnar, Esq. today to schedule your consultation with a Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney.