Woman with a wine glassThis is the fifth post in my series on summertime issues Las Vegas fathers frequently encounter. My last post discussed what to do if your child is refusing to participate in a planned summertime visitation schedule. Today’s post will discuss a topic that frequently is relevant for children who travel to Las Vegas for the summertime- how a child’s drug use or law breaking can impact custody.

Children who travel to Las Vegas for the summer can get into legal trouble if they are not properly supervised

For children who live in another state and are traveling to Nevada for the summer to visit with their father, Las Vegas can seem like an exciting prospect. Many children, particularly teenagers, will have a glamorous and exciting idea of what happens in Vegas. However, fathers need to be aware that if their child is caught drinking or doing drugs, out after curfew, or otherwise breaking the law, their visitation could be put in danger. A mother who feels that their child’s safety is being compromised may file for an emergency change to visitation if a problem occurs while the child is n your custody. If your child has a history of behavioral problems, or your custody case has been contentious, it is important to be prepared prior to your child’s visit.

If your child is coming to visit for the summer, it is important to lay down the rules in advance. Ensure that they know they will not be running around the city without supervision, and keep the rules in your house consistent with the expectations their mother has for them throughout the year. Fathers who live in a different state as their child are often not used to enforcing rules and dealing with parental issues on a long-term basis. Take some time to think about what the rules for your household are and how your child’s day will be structured while they are in your care. If your child has a history of drug use or breaking rules, plan ahead to make sure that the child is supervised and does not have the opportunity to get into trouble.

The courts will not punish a noncustodial parent who is taking proper measures to address a child’s destructive behavior

If your child does get into trouble on your watch, and the mother files a motion to bring the child home early, do not panic. The courts do not punish parents for their child’s destructive behavior if the parent is taking proper measures to address the issue. For example, if your child is arrested, and you take action to ensure it does not happen again, the court would not cut visitation short if the mother requested a custody change. However, if your child is arrested for drug use, and the court feels that you have given the child permission to use drugs, they would consider revoking visitation. The court will hold you to a reasonable standard and allow the child to stay in your care if you can demonstrate you are capable of handling behavior problems.

If your child has gotten into legal trouble while visiting you in Las Vegas for the summer, and the mother is attempting to revoke your visitation, contact our office immediately.