Father cooking with sonThis is the next post in a series of articles discussing the importance of establishing paternity in Las Vegas, Nevada. My previous post provided an overview of what Las Vegas fathers should expect at a child custody trial. The judge’s overriding concern will be what permanent custody arrangement is in the best interests of the child. Cases involving parental rights can be contentious. It is imperative to engage an experienced trial attorney to help preserve your legal rights. In this article, I will review how dads should conduct themselves once a custody order has been established. If you need assistance, contact my office today to speak to a fathers’ rights lawyer.

Each family’s situation is unique. In some cases, co-parents maintain a friendly relationship and are able to amicably navigate the tribulations of shared parenting. Others are not as lucky. Following a contentious custody battle, it may be a time for increased hostilities between the parents. Regardless of the circumstances, it will be necessary for mom and dad to get along and to establish a stable co-parenting relationship for the sake of their child. For obvious reasons, doing so will be in the child’s best interest. In addition, it may prevent the parents from going back to court in the future and facing additional custody challenges.

First and foremost, co-parents should show each other respect. It is important not to degrade the other parent in the presence of the child. Co-parents should make all reasonable efforts to comply with the custody order. Doing so will demonstrate respect for the other parent and their time. Responding promptly to messages or requests about extracurricular activities, illnesses, school matters, or scheduling problems is also advisable. For example, if one parent is going to be late picking up or dropping off the child then it is important that they give their counterpart as much notice as possible. Co-parents should openly discuss issues related to any problems the child may be having. Most importantly, if the child is not adjusting well to the arrangement, then it is important that the parents work together rather than blaming each other for the problem.

Aside from negatively impacting the child or the co-parent by behaving badly, if one party is refusing to co-parent or to follow the court’s orders then it may result in further legal action. Such actions will not be viewed favorably by the court and may be considered “changed circumstances” which would justify a modification of child custody. Furthermore, a parent purposefully ignoring a court order could be held in contempt.

My office has significant experience in child custody matters. If you are a co-parent and need assistance with a custody matter, contact me today to schedule a consultation with a Las Vegas fathers’ rights lawyer.