Father and childThis is the final post to my series discussing when a Las Vegas father should consider filing for emergency custody. Throughout this series I have discussed various emergency situations in which a father would be forced to file an emergency custody motion. In this post, I will recap the topics we have previously discussed and cover my final thoughts on the matter.

During this series, we have covered a number of sensitive and personal topics. These topics include:

Each of these topics cover a deeply personal and delicate topic. It is a difficult decision to ask a Judge to take custody away from a mother who may have a legitimate medical condition such as a mental health condition. However, each of these articles has stressed that, no matter what a mother’s intention is, if your children are in danger it is a father’s job to protect them. Fathers often give a mom many chances to change when she is struggling with personal issues. This is often out of fear that taking the children away would be too devastating of an experience.

However, filing for emergency custody in any of these situations is not about punishing the mother. It is about preventing a tragic accident from occurring that involves your children. If a mother is motivated to address her personal issues then the Courts will frequently work with her to put a plan into place to restore custody if that is the ultimate goal. However, until dangerous behavior has been addressed, it is necessary for a father to step in.

Our office understands how hard it may be for a father to file an emergency order against the mother of his children. Contact our office today for a consultation and learn how to handle your situation as compassionately and delicately as possible.