Father and daughterThis is the final post in my series discussing common mistakes that fathers frequently make during their Nevada child custody battle. Throughout this series I have attempted to shed light on frequent issues I see, and problems that fathers often run into, when they wish to file for primary custody of their children.

I have addressed a number of topics during my last several posts. Issues which I discussed included:

One of my main messages has been that the Court will look at the behaviors and parenting patterns which occurred during the marriage. These patterns will be viewed as a rough guide to decide upon a child custody arrangement after the divorce. For example, if the father frequently traveled for business trips, and the mother stayed at home and was in charge of making all day-to-day decisions related to the children, then a Judge will question a father’s ability to hold primary or joint custody. If a father wishes to claim that the mother of his children does not act in a manner that is safe for the children to be around then a Judge will question why a father did not have a problem with the status quo during the marriage.

Courts will be intolerant to any mud slinging that either spouse wishes to throw at the other. The Court is only interested in the children’s best interests and will only entertain hard evidence of what supports such interests. During a divorce,it is important for a father to leave his emotions at the door and ensure that he is making requests of the Court based on what is good for his children and not based on the contempt he has for his ex-wife.

If you are a father going through a divorce in southern Nevada then it is important to consult with a qualified Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney as soon as possible to avoid these common mistakes. Contact our office today to speak with a child custody lawyer.