Custody of childThis is the next post in my series discussing how a Las Vegas father can successfully navigate co-parenting when children are school aged and have complicated schedules. My last post explained how parents can utilize a shared calendar in order to keep one another informed of a child’s events and scheduling needs. In this post I will explain when a scheduling issue is severe enough that a Las Vegas father should consider asking the Clark County Family Court to intervene.

Clark County Family Court interventions should be reserved for serious problems that cannot be resolved between parents

It is a waste of Clark County Family Court resources to go back before a Judge without having a very good reason for needing an intervention. With that said, there are reasons why a parent might wish to ask the Court to solve a custody and/or scheduling conflict. The first reason is if a child’s mother is purposefully ignoring a shared custody agreement or frustrating the father’s relationship with the child. Examples of this might include if the mother refuses to respect the father’s scheduled visitation time, consistently refuses to let the father know when a child has events, or continuously fails to provide the father vital information about the child’s schooling or health.

In going back to Court a father must be clear as to what he is asking for. A father may 1) ask a Judge to order the mother to adhere to the already agreed upon custody order, or 2) ask the Judge for a change to the custody order. If the father’s main complaint is that his ability to co-parent is being frustrated then he should consider specific issues that he would like the Court to address. Examples might include requiring the mother to inform the father of all school events and doctor’s appointments or requiring the mother to allow the father to handle the child’s transportation on his visitation days. If a father is asking for a custody modification then he must be able to give an example of what significant change has occurred since the original order was entered. Examples may include that the child’s needs are not being met, the father has experienced a change in job schedule, the father moved into a more child friendly location, or any other number of changes.

Contact a fathers’ rights attorney prior to filing any new Motions with the Court

Before going back to Court, or filing any Motions, it is important that dads speak to a Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney about their ultimate goals. Filing frivolous Motions will only irritate a Judge so it is important that a father has a legitimate complaint that is appropriate to bring before the Court. During your consultation your attorney will speak to you about your goals, review the original custody agreement, and discuss with you why the arrangement is not working. If there is any way to avoid Court interference your attorney will discuss these possibilities with you. If going to Court is the best approach then your lawyer will explain to you their recommended strategy and move forward from there. Contact us today to learn more.