Father holding son by oceanThis is the next post in my series discussing tips a Las Vegas father can use to enforce a custody schedule while navigating changes to their child’s new school schedule. My last post explained the importance of identifying changes to a child’s schedule as soon as possible and working out a solution ahead of time. In this post I will discuss when a Las Vegas dad needs to be flexible and when it may be necessary to head back to Court.

Nevada child custody orders are based on the best interest of the child

When children are young they typically have very few prior commitments. It is easier for Nevada parents to work out a child custody schedule that is based only on the parents’ schedules and needs. As children grow older they may join clubs, play sports, have to stay after school to work on projects, and begin to spend more time with friends. For parents who share custody and already have limited time with their children, this further reduction in time can be difficult. However, it is important to remember that it is normal for children to become more independent with age and that parents’ shouldn’t impede on activities that are in their children’s best interests for the sake of the custody arrangement.

As children’s lives begin to get busier then it may be more important for parents to focus on fostering the relationship with their children and less on the specifics of the custody schedule. For example, parents can show their support and stay involved in their children’s lives by attending their children’s sporting events, concerts, or other activities. If a child wishes to spend the night with a friend or has to be otherwise away during one parent’s “night”, that parent may wish to schedule a lunch or dinner with their child in order to spend quality time. As the time with your child becomes more limited it is important to make the time a parent does have count; focusing on quality over quantity can be key to nurturing your relationship with your child.

The Clark County Family Court may change custody if two parents are unable to work together

The more two parents can work together to co-parent and manage their child’s schedule the better. Unfortunately, not all parents are able to communicate effectively, even after the passage of time. When one parent is inflexible, refuses to work with the child and the other parent’s needs, or two parents can simply not come to a reasonable schedule together, Clark County Family Court intervention may be required. However, before one goes to Court, each parent should remember that the older a child gets, the more weight a Judge would put on the child’s wishes and opinions. If one parent insists on litigating out of pettiness against the other parent, and not for the child’s best interests, then a parent may find they do not get what they want from going to Court. The Judge will always make a ruling based on the best interest of the child; if parents cannot agree to what that is, they may not collectively be happy with a Judge’s ruling.

If your child’s schedule has changed and you are not sure if you should formally change your child custody agreement, contact our office today for a consultation.