Happy dad with son on shouldersThis is my next post in a series of articles discussing the rights of unmarried Nevada fathers. My previous post discussed what you can do if your child’s mother moves out of state with your son or daughter. It is important that a dad take immediate action in such a situation or risk the Court not viewing the matter as urgent. One of the first steps in taking such action is to contact a lawyer. In this post, I will explain Nevada’s presumptions when it comes to child custody, as well as the importance of obtaining a court order to protect your rights as a parent. If you or someone you love needs assistance, contact my office to speak with an attorney today.

Las Vegas fathers are presumed to have joint custody of a child as long as paternity has been established

Nevada presumes that parents should share joint custody of a child once paternity has been established.  This means that Las Vegas parents have equal rights in the law when there is no order stating otherwise. Under this legal doctrine each parent, when there is no order from the Court, will have an equal right to time with the child and to make decisions. This means, for example, that if one parent has the child, and does not wish to turn the youth over to their counterpart, then there is nothing the counterpart can do. It also means that each parent can register the child for school, withdraw the child from school, etc. Once a custody case is filed, the Court will begin the matter with the belief that custody should be shared. The Court will only deviate from this belief if it is shown that shared custody would not be in the best interest of the child.

It is important for Nevada fathers to obtain a custody order to protect their rights

It is good practice for unmarried Nevada fathers to have a custody order in place even if they are on good terms with the mother. While many unmarried parents are able to cooperate in the raising of their child, serious problems can still arise if there is a disagreement. Such problems can include a dispute over which school the child should attend, whether the child should participate in a particular extracurricular event, etc. By having an order in place, the parents will know the rules to be followed and this can prevent potential disputes. Even if you are on good terms with the mother and your current arrangement is working for you, it is good practice to reduce your current situation to the form of a written order. An experienced lawyer can assist you in doing so.

If you are not on particularly good terms with your child’s mother then it is even more important that you have a child custody order in place. Doing so will help to prevent disagreements regarding visitation, child support, access to records, etc. Moreover, in the event that the child’s mother refuses to follow the Court’s visitation mandates, the father will have the option of going to Court and seeking an order of contempt. If you are a dad and need assistance with obtaining a child custody order then contact my office today to speak with a Las Vegas fathers’ rights lawyer. I pride myself on providing a high level of service and my office is ready to assist you.