Father holding sonThis is the next post in my series discussing times when a Las Vegas father needs to file for an emergency change in custody. My last post discussed the topic of sexual abuse and warning signs that may indicate your child has been a victim. In this post I will be discussing when it is appropriate to file for a Temporary Protective Order (TPO) against the mother of your children.

Custodial fathers may need protection if a mother makes threats or is a danger

It is not pleasant to think about filing for a TPO against the mother of one’s children. However, if a custody battle has ended contentiously, or a mother is unstable, there are times it may be necessary. A TPO is designed to protect a person who is fearful for their safety due to the actions or threats of another person. Reasons to file for a TPO might include threats, destruction or property, or being the victim of a violent outburst. It is also common for a father to seek a TPO against stalking or harassment in cases where a mother is unhappy with the custodial arrangement.

It may be difficult for a father to make a decision to file for a TPO against a child’s mother. However, it is not healthy for a child to live in an environment in which their mother is behaving violently or aggressively towards their father. If a mother has made threats of taking the children or running away then it is important to take such threats seriously. If a TPO is taken out before behavior escalates then it can often prevent a larger tragedy.

The Court May Make Visitation Arrangements in the Event of a TPO

Having a TPO in place against the mother of your children can make it difficult to co-parent. Depending on the circumstances, the Court may or may not suspend the mother’s visitation. In order for both parties to stay in compliance with the TPO, the Court may order for the parents to exchange children at a neutral drop off point. This drop off point may be a daycare or with a family member. The important thing, if you have a TPO in place, do not contact the mother under any circumstances. If a parenting question comes up then it is important to go through your attorney. Doing so may result in the TPO being dismissed.

If you are being harassed or fear you are in danger from the mother of your children, you do not have to put up with the behavior. Contact Las Vegas fathers’ rights lawyer Kari Molnar today and learn more about your options.