Judge on the benchThis is the final post in my series discussing what Las Vegas fathers need to know about the process of filing for an emergency change to the custody order. I wrote this series because filing for an emergency custody change is a stressful situation that brings a lot of questions. It generally means that the living arrangements of one’s children have become dangerous or uninhabitable. Going through such a fast custody request can open one up to attacks from one’s ex partner and heavy scrutiny. I wrote this series to help a father prepare for what they will go through and to assure them that the most important thing is to look out for the welfare of their children.

During this series I have provided detail about topics including:

Emergency custody change requests are filed for one reason alone: an emergency is taken place. Most often this means that the mother is abusing drugs, the children are being abused by someone in the mother’s home, the children are being neglected, the home is uninhabitable, or some other condition exists in the mother’s home where the children are in danger or not being properly supervised. The decision to file this type of request is not always an easy one but the decision must be made in order to protect the safety of one’s children. Fathers often have not had the opportunity to fully process the legal war they are about to undertake due to the swiftness that this type of request warrants. It is my hope that this series can succinctly provide the information a father needs to embark on this journey.

If you feel that the environment your children are living in has become unsafe and require an immediate change in custody, take action quickly. Contact my Las Vegas family law office today and schedule a consultation.