courtroomThis is the final post in a series of articles addressing situations in which a Las Vegas father may seek a protective order against his child’s mother. The previous post discussed how the issuance of a protective order may impact child custody proceedings. TPOs and custody modifications are very commonly issued simultaneously when the child is in danger. Such changes will often be determined to be in the child’s best interest. The post also stressed the importance of engaging experienced counsel if you need assistance navigating the legal process. The goal of this series has been to provide information about when and how a Las Vegas father may obtain a protective order against his child’s mother. If you believe you or your child are in immediate danger, contact law enforcement. If you need help with a restraining order, contact my office today to speak to an attorney.

In this series, we addressed the following subjects:

Fathers who feel threatened by their child’s mother or fear for their child’s safety should understand how to protect themselves by obtaining a protective order. The articles in this series were meant to provide the following basic information. First, Las Vegas courts will issue protective orders under a variety of circumstances. Whether because of domestic violence, stalking, harassing, or threats, fathers may seek a TPO to protect their safety. Second, in true emergency situations, fathers should contact the police immediately. When the danger is less immediate, it is important to consult an attorney before starting the TPO process. Third, it is important to understand what to expect at a TPO hearing and what information will be important to the judge. Next, it is essential to comply with the terms of any court order, including protective orders. Finally, TPOs can significantly impact ongoing or previously established custody orders. Custody is often modified concurrently with a TPO if it is in the child’s best interest. An experienced fathers’ rights attorney can assist you throughout the process.

If you or your child feel threatened by another person, it is important to take action to protect yourself and your child. A TPO may deter any additional threatening behavior and provide the legal means for law enforcement to respond to any violations of the order. Contact the police if you are in immediate danger. Otherwise, consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Contact my office today to speak with a Las Vegas fathers’ rights lawyer.