Young men gambling in the casino on slot machinesThis is the final post in my series discussing how and if a parent’s recreational gambling can have a negative impact on their family law case. I decided to write this series because many residents of Las Vegas enjoy the local casinos and most do so in a responsible manner. However, I wished to bring clarity to where the line between responsible recreational entertainment is and a habit that can bring unintended consequences to one’s divorce proceedings or child custody case.

Throughout the course of this series, I discussed a number of specific topics including:

Throughout this series, I have attempted to stress that whether or not one has a gambling “problem” is relative to one’s situation, and is not about a fixed amount of money put towards gambling. If a parent or spouse is able to pay all of their bills, does not have secret outstanding debts, and gambles in a way that is reasonable given their income then the Court will not penalize them for their given choice of entertainment. The Court will get involved if one misses child support or spousal support payments, sells assets to pay off debts, has outstanding markers with the casinos, or if one’s finances are in some other way plummeting due to a gambling habit.

If you are going through a divorce or child custody case and are unsure of whether or not the Court will take issue with your gambling then it is best to discuss the matter with a family law attorney. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.