CasinoThis is the first post in a series I am writing to address how the gambling habits of one or both parents can potentially affect a Clark County Family Court case. I am writing on this topic because in Las Vegas it is not unusual for residents to spend a certain amount of time in the local casinos. A large percentage of the employees in our city work as table games dealers, cocktail waitresses, or bartenders and naturally may stay and gamble after a work shift. What many people do not realize is that there is a fine line between gambling for recreation and spending enough money that must be formally accounted for during a divorce. I am writing this series so that fathers can both understand their options if the mother of their child gambles frequently and so that they can take precautions if they gamble themselves.

Topics I will be covering in this series include:

  • The difference between gambling for entertainment purposes versus being seen as gambling away community property assets
  • How the Court may deal with significant gambling debts during a divorce
  • How the Courts will view gambling winnings in a divorce
  • Why leaving your child with the casino child care service during your visitation time can put your custodial rights in jeopardy
  • Why a parent cannot get a reduction in child support payments due to gambling losses

This series is relevant to our Las Vegas fathers because many parents frequent casinos in a number of capacities from casual gambler to regular customer. Many parents do not consider how their gambling might affect their divorce case until they begin to speak with an attorney. My goal with these posts is for fathers to learn how they may protect themselves, financially plan ahead, and what to do if the mother of their child gambles frequently.

If you are going through a divorce and hang out in the casinos in your leisure time then it is important to know up front if this could potentially affect your case. Contact my office today and schedule a consultation.