Man in meeting. This is my third post in my “Options for Las Vegas Fathers to Handle Their Own Child Custody Matter” series. My last post discussed the importance of establishing paternity and obtaining a custody order. When there is a custody dispute, many fathers fear a long, drawn out court battle that they will not be able to afford. However, financial concerns do not have to prevent you from fighting for your children. In this post I will discuss the mediation process and how it can save time and money during a Nevada child custody case.

Las Vegas, Nevada fathers handling their own child custody matter may wish to attend mediation to reduce legal costs

Mediation is where a neutral third-party helps facilitate discussion which focuses on the best interest of your children.  The mediator is an impartial, calm and rational person who can steer the discussion away from emotional responses and toward some kind of understanding between the two parties involved.

Las Vegas fathers who wish to attend mediation have two options; you may hire a private mediator or you may attend Clark County’s Family Mediation Center (FMC). FMC only mediates custody issues, and is an affordable option that many families wish to utilize. Once your case has been opened with the Court, a judge will immediately sign an order for both parties to attend mediation prior to any other court intervention. At FMC’s mediation program, neither party may bring their attorney with them. A mediator will help facilitate an agreement between both parties on issues such as: who will have primary custody, whether or not joint-custody is an option, who will have the child and when, visitation, and how future decisions for your child will be made. Once these agreements are reached, the FMC will prepare a Stipulation and Order which both sides will sign so that your agreement can become a ruling of the Court. If you do not wish to go through the county program, the parties may opt to hire a private mediator. Private mediation costs will vary depending on the mediator’s rates. In private mediation, one or both parties may also hire and bring an attorney to attend the process with them.

Nevada fathers should recognize the benefits of Mediation in a Child Custody Case

Mediation is a way to avoid excessive legal fees. Through mediation you avoid the back and forth of filing motions and oppositions and having to hire an attorney for the multiple hearings involved. If you choose to attend mediation through a private mediator then you typically are required to split the mediator’s fees along with paying any attorney you hire to attend private mediation with you. If you attend mediation at FMC, no attorneys are allowed in the room, eliminating the fee. FMC also charges based on a sliding scale and has payment options available.

Obtaining a child custody order can be a long and tedious process. Attending mediation can save you and your ex time and money. It will be much less stressful for both you and your children. If you are a Las Vegas, Nevada father who needs assistance in the mediation process, please contact my office and we will be happy to help you.