Child holding fathers armThis is the first post in a new series I will be writing in which to clarify how Nevada’s passage of recreational marijuana can impact child custody and Las Vegas fathers. I am writing this series because, while the new laws make it legal for Nevada residents to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, Las Vegas parents still need to take responsible precautions. Despite legalization for the broad population a parent who uses marijuana while caring for their children can still be subject to a loss of custody. In the upcoming series I will be clarifying how a parent might responsibly exercise their right to use marijuana without jeopardizing custody.

During the course of this series, I will be discussing a number of topics, including:

  • Guidelines a parent should follow if they wish to use marijuana recreationally
  • How a Court determines if custody should be revoked due to a parent’s marijuana use
  • Why medical marijuana and prescription drugs are treated similarly in family court

It is important for fathers to understand that just because marijuana is now legal for recreational use it does not mean that the Family Court could not potentially strip a parent of custody if it is believed that a child is in danger due to such use. The legalization of marijuana will be treated much the same way as alcohol is treated by the Family Court; while alcohol is legal to consume, a child can be removed from a home if a parent or guardian is too intoxicated to properly care and supervise a child.

With the legalization of marijuana, inevitably, there will be a new slew of complaints filed within the Family Courts. Parents who share joint custody and who do not agree on marijuana use may inevitably file complaints against one another. By proactively understanding how marijuana use is viewed in family court, a father can avoid putting custody of his child in jeopardy.

If you are a Las Vegas father, and have concerns regarding marijuana use and custody of one’s children, our attorney is available to answer questions. Call our office today for a consultation.