Child at schoolThis is the next post in my series that aims to provide Las Vegas fathers tips on how to navigate the back to school process while sharing custody of children. My last post provided suggestions on how co-parents can adjust the custody schedule as children grow older and acquire more school and social obligations of their own. In this post, I will explain how both parents can stay in the loop when it comes to their child’s education.

Parents should utilize the tools that the school provides to stay informed regarding their children

When parents live in two separate households, it can be a challenge for teachers to keep everyone up to date when a concern arises. This is why many Las Vegas schools utilize a “parent portal” that allows parents to sign on and check their child’s grade, absences, teacher’s comments, missed assignments and more. If a child’s school uses such a system, it is important for both parents to regularly log in and stay up to date. A system of this nature ensures that both parents equally have the same opportunity to stay informed about their child’s education, even if one parent has the child more during the week.

If a problem arises with a child’s education- whether it be that they are struggling to keep up, or are having a behavioral problem- it is important for both parents to confer with one another. Whether the issue is that a child has skipped school, is falling behind, or broken a rule, before a punishment or solution is decided upon, parents should get on the same team. This will prevent the child from playing sides and ensure that all parties know what is happening and agree on the solution. If parents decide that a child is grounded, must devote a certain amount of time to their studies each week, or some other solution, it is important that these rules be enforced in both households.

Both parents should attend open houses and parent-teacher conferences

It is important that both parents be invited and attend all opportunities to learn more about how their child is doing in school, whenever possible. Attending school open houses and parent-teacher conferences gives both parents an opportunity to ask questions about their child’s progress. If parents have any concerns about staying informed about their child’s education, this is also an opportunity for them to ask their questions and get any concerns addressed. When it comes to a child’s education, the most important thing is for parents to communicate, and to actively take an interest in what is happening in the child’s life. It is not unusual for a child to be less than forthcoming about what is going on at school, so it is up to both parents to share information and actively use the tools that are available to them.