Money and DivorceThis is the first post in a series I am writing that will discuss how Las Vegas fathers on a budget may retain effective counsel during divorce or child custody proceedings. I am writing this series because I often hear from fathers that they are frustrated with their legal situation but do not believe that they have the money to afford an effective attorney. This often results in a dad either accepting an unfair legal agreement without going to Court or a father using a discount legal service that does not have an attorney closely supervising the employees.  

My goal for these upcoming posts is to help dads understand that they can fight for their legal rights in Court even if they do not have a lot of money to put towards a lawyer. During this series I will be discussing:

  • Red flags a father should steer clear from when hiring an attorney or representation
  • Why hiring an attorney who works “unbundled” can save in legal costs
  • How to talk to your attorney about what you are and are not able to afford
  • How to know if mediation is right for you

Divorce and child custody disputes can become expensive quickly. Ex-spouses often disagree on where children should live and how they should be raised. Parents can get caught up in their differences and lose track of their spending as they fight to ‘win’ their case. Sometimes attorneys help fan the flames and are not necessarily thinking about the best way to settle a case that is in everyone’s best interest. It is my hope that with this series that fathers will gain information that will help them balance protecting what is important to them while not breaking the bank fighting over trivial matters.

I am a Las Vegas attorney that protects the rights of fathers and is often able to represent a dad in an unbundled appearance. If you have a child custody or divorce matter in which you need representation then contact my office for a consultation.