Father in CourtThis is the next post in my series on “Options For Nevada Fathers In Child Custody Matters.” My last post discussed how the mediation process can go a long way in saving a dad both time and aggravation. In this article I will discuss how unbundled legal services can help to make the process more affordable. It is always advisable to have an attorney assisting you in the Clark County Family Courts and unbundled representation may make this possible.

Unbundled representation makes the Family Court process affordable for Las Vegas fathers

Las Vegas family law attorneys can be retained in an “unbundled” capacity. This means that you can hire an attorney without having to pay that lawyer for the entire case. You can, for example, hire a lawyer to attend just a single court hearing or to draft just a single document. These types of services can typically be provided for a reasonable flat fee and do not require that you pay large retainers. Examples where a Nevada father may wish to hire an unbundled lawyer include:

These types of issues can have a long-lasting impact on your future and the future of your child. Having representation at the hearing may make the difference between having custody changed or not, having your child support raised or not, and having a Protective Order entered against you or not. If you representing yourself due to a lack of funds then you may want to consider unbundled representation.

Using an unbundled lawyer allows you to pick and choose the parts of your Nevada child custody case for which you will have an attorney

Another benefit of using an unbundled lawyer is that it allows you to “pick and choose” when you will be represented. It is not uncommon for a Las Vegas father to retain a lawyer at the beginning of his child custody case only to have that lawyer withdraw, halfway through, when the dad runs out of funds. When you hire an unbundled lawyer you can, for example, have that attorney represent you at the early stages of a case and then cease representation until trial, at which point you can have the attorney re-appear. While it is ideal to have a lawyer throughout your case, for Nevada dads with limited funds the availability of unbundled counsel allows one to prioritize the portions of a case to ensure representation.

If you are a Nevada father and require an unbundled Las Vegas attorney then contact me today.