Father holding his sonThis is the next post in my series on summertime issues faced by Las Vegas fathers. My last article served as a general overview of how Nevada dads can face an uphill battle during the summer months. In this post I’ll tackle a topic that comes up more often than it should – how to ensure that you receive your summer visitation. With busy summer schedules, unfortunately, many dads often lose a portion of their scheduled visitation. Today I am discussing how to prevent that from happening.

Nevada fathers can ensure visitation with their child by enforcing the Court’s custody order

If the mother of your child is refusing to allow you visitation then you have rights. If you have a child custody order then she is required to follow the ruling of the Court. Your ex cannot deny you visitation simply because she wants to. If you are being denied visitation then you should contact a Las Vegas attorney immediately. The first step will be for the lawyer to contact your ex and to see if the issue can quickly be resolved. If a quick and simple resolution cannot be reached then the next step will be to file a Motion with the Court to have your ex held in contempt. In summer visitation situations then the Court may be inclined to grant “shortened time” so that you can have an almost immediate court date.

At the Court date your attorney will request that visitation commence immediately. A request will also be made for “compensatory time” to make up for any time you have lost due to your ex refusing to follow the custody order. Unless there is a counter-argument otherwise, these requests are often granted.

It is highly important that you engage in the Court process when denied visitation with your child. While I understand that the situation is incredibly frustrating, if you take matters into your own hands then there is a chance that a line may be crossed and the amount of visitation you have with your child may actually be reduced. Your attorney will understand how important this issue is to you and will work to ensure that the process proceeds quickly.

Fathers do not have a right to summertime child visitation without a child custody order

The law on this point is very simple. If you have not established paternity, and you do not have a custody order in place, then you will not have a right to visit with your child. These steps must be accomplished to establish your legal rights and obligations as a dad. A paternity action can be filed quickly and, once the mother is served, a quick court hearing can usually be obtained to begin the process of establishing paternity. If you are in this situation then contact my office today.