Young couple in love at a coffee shopThis is the next post in my series discussing what Las Vegas fathers need to know about dating while their divorce is still pending. My last post explained the pitfalls of spending excessively on dating while still technically married. In this post I will explain how a husband can expedite his divorce if he wishes to remarry soon and the process is dragging.

Las Vegas husbands should avoid making life changes which could impact their divorce settlement

It can be extremely frustrating for a Las Vegas husband to feel as though he must put his life on hold until his divorce is finalized. While it may sound counter intuitive, one of the best ways to ensure that your divorce wraps up quickly is to delay major life changes which could impact your case’s completion. This includes buying new property, moving in with a fiance until after the divorce is finalized, moving to a new city if it will impact a child custody decision, changing jobs, or restructuring one’s retirement plan. Once you are officially divorced then your ties to your ex-spouse are completely severed and you are free to do as you please. Until then any major life decision you make may be used against you if your divorce is contentious.

If you have plans to remarry immediately following your divorce then the process can be further expedited if one refrains from fighting over unnecessary sticking points. While one may not wish to bring alimony payments into his new relationship, if your ex-spouse has a valid argument for spousal support then it may be faster to make an offer and attempt to settle. Likewise, if your ex-spouse is determined to keep the house then it may be wise to consider if you and your new partner would be happier in a new home free from memories. Whenever possible, the more you can avoid fighting over issues that are not truly important then the more likely it is that you can negotiate a settlement. This would avoid a drawn out discovery period and trial.

Las Vegas husbands who wish to move their divorce along should promptly respond to their attorney’s request for information

The last way a husband can move his divorce along is by promptly providing all requested information to his attorney. One of the main causes for a delay in a divorce is one or both clients fail to sign documents, provide bank and credit card statements, and other information to their attorney in a reasonable amount of time. While it is understandable that one may feel bitter about having to disclose personal information to the other side’s lawyer, the truth is that your divorce will not proceed until that information is provided. Therefore, procrastinating out of spite only results in keeping the couple married longer than necessary. By getting your attorney all of the information they request from you right away, you will avoid forcing your attorney to ask the Court for a continuance- which will only result in a delay.

If you wish to remarry soon and are looking to obtain a quick divorce, there are many ways a Las Vegas attorney may be able to assist you. Contact us today and we will discuss your options.