Father and SonThis is the final post in my series on summertime visitation issues Las Vegas fathers frequently face. Throughout this series I have discussed legal issues that I frequently see each year, and have given advice for how to avoid and handle each problem. The topics I discussed in this series included:

Many of the conflicts I discussed throughout this series can be avoided by advanced planning on the part of the parents. I have advised fathers throughout the series to have a well-thought out plan for a child who is coming to visit for the summer months. Leaving travel plans until the last minute is a recipe for disaster; fathers can help their children make a smooth transition by providing structure from the beginning of the visit. Have an understanding of what rules your child is expected to follow at home, and make your household’s rules clear to the child at the beginning of the visit. If you are planning on asking the court for any major modifications to the custody arrangement, begin the process as far in advance as possible, and do not wait until the week before your child is to go back to school.

Many of the topics I discussed in this series can frequently be handled as a private matter. Most fathers do not have the money to constantly go back to family court; likewise, children do not benefit from constantly being at the center of a new legal conflict. However, there are certain matters that require legal intervention. If a father wishes for their child to live with them full-time, or change the amount of time the child spends with them, a modification to custody is necessary. Even if the mother of your child agrees to an informal arrangement, not having the official order changed is asking for trouble. Also, if the mother of your child is in violation of a court order, and not providing you with your visitation, it is generally a good idea to ask the court to intervene early. Attempting to handle the matter outside of court will often result in losing quality time with your child that you cannot get back.

It is not uncommon for Las Vegas fathers to require the assistance of an attorney during the summer months. If you have an issue that cannot be settled without a Judge, contact our office today.