Family togetherThis is the next post is my series discussing how one or both spouses’ gambling habits can have an impact on a family court case. My last post explained how gambling debts and earnings are divided during a Las Vegas divorce. In this post I am going to change direction and focus on a different topic- child custody. Many people do not realize that if one leaves their child in the casino’s child care service too frequently it provides the other spouse a concrete argument to have their custodial rights or visitation time reduced.

Las Vegas parents are expected to spend custodial or visitation time with their children

When a non-custodial Las Vegas parent is granted visitation time with their child, the Court expects the parent to use that time to foster their relationship with the child. If a parent regularly drags the child to the casino and places them in the casino child care service, this can put their visitation in danger. Of course, this greatly depends on the frequency and circumstances with which the parent chooses to do this. The Court is not going to say that the parent is never allowed to go to a movie, go out to dinner, or engage in a little gambling. Part of being a single parent is finding a balance between being a present parent and having a fulfilling personal life. However, the Court may consider revoking one’s visitation, or making a custodial change, if it turns out that the parent is spending all available leisure time in the casino and using the child care service as daycare. If one’s ex-spouse can prove that visitation or custodial time is not being spent in a way that is healthy or in the best interest of the child, then an argument can be made to take away that time from the gambling parent.

Casino child centers are not licensed day cares and should not be treated as such by Las Vegas parents

A second point that is important for all parents to remember is that the courtesy child care centers in the local casinos are not licensed daycare facilities. The number one rule in all of these child centers is that parents are not to leave the casino if a child is in the center. Unfortunately, parents do not always abide by this rule and it can have consequences. If one is caught leaving the casino that their child is being watched in then not only can their child be banned from using the facility in the future but their ex can make a case that the parent is neglectful. Parents should also be mindful and not leave children in these facilities if their child has special needs, have certain medical conditions that need to be closely monitored, or are presently ill.

If a parent has visitation or joint custody of their child, it is important to remember that the needs of one’s child should always come first. Part of being a parent means not having as much time for entertainment or personal leisure activities. It is advisable to frequent the casinos during the time one does not have the children, and use the casino child service centers sparingly for special occasions. Otherwise, one does open themselves up to the possibility that their visitation or custodial rights could be reduced.

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