Dad holding child while talking on the phoneMy last post addressed noncustodial fathers and explained how to ensure you receive your summertime visitation. Today I am going to discuss the other side of the coin- fathers who have primary custody, and whose children will be visiting with their mother this summer. If you are used to seeing your children every day then being away from them all summer can be tough. In this post, I will discuss how to stay in contact with your child while they are away.

Nevada fathers should ensure that their custody agreement specifically spells out communication guidelines

It is important that your custody order specifically spells out a communication plan for times when your child leaves Nevada to visit with the mother. It is important to follow that plan to the letter. Even if you and your ex-partner have an amicable relationship, treating the communication schedule casually invariably leads to problems. This is true for both sides. Just as you expect your child’s mother to ensure that the child is available when you call, it is also important that  the father does not miss scheduled phone calls. If you are consistently not available during the scheduled communication time, the court will not take your complaint seriously if the mother stops making an effort to reschedule your calls.

To avoid problems, following a few simple guidelines can be beneficial for everyone. First, if the time of your telephone calls are not spelled out in the order then pick a standard time that will be convenient for both you and your child. Do not pick times that are late at night or during your work hours. Also, avoid scheduling phone calls during times in which your child will likely be eating dinner or engaging in other activities. Evening hours right before bedtime often work best. Second, keep all conversations focused on your child, and not on what their parent is doing. If you grill your child about their mother’s movements you may put your child in an awkward position that makes them wish to avoid your phone call. The purpose of your summer phone calls is to stay connected with your child so do not lose focus of this goal. Finally, if you or your child must miss a scheduled phone call, make an agreement to reschedule as far in advance as possible. This will ensure that you do not miss any time that has been ordered in the custody agreement.

Las Vegas fathers should contact their attorney if their scheduled phone time is being blocked

It is important to call your attorney right away if your child is visiting their mother for the summer and your scheduled phone calls are not happening. Waiting to see if the situation will resolve itself will only result in the entire summer passing by without any action being taken. In order for the court to take your complaint seriously, you will need to prove that you have held up your end of the communication agreement, and that you have taken swift action once it was broken. If you have primary custody of your child, it is likely difficult being away from them for an extended period of time. A Las Vegas family law attorney can frequently get the visitation situation resolved swiftly for Nevada fathers. This prevents them from missing out on any part of their child’s life. If you are a dad and are having difficulty getting your child to answer the phone while they are away for the summer, contact our office immediately.