Holiday childThis is the first post in a new series which will provide Las Vegas fathers’ tips on how to manage shared custody during the holiday season. I am beginning this series because as we begin the beginning of the holidays, many families struggle with how to share custody. It is my hope that with these posts families can not only peacefully stick to an agreed upon schedule, but do everything possible to reduce any stress or tension for the sake of the children.

During this series I will review a number of tips that will help fathers provide for their children the happiest holiday possible. Posts that I will be writing include:

  • The importance of reviewing and verifying holiday plans with your ex in advance
  • Why it is important to discuss holiday plans with your children before the big day
  • Why it may be important to ask your family to refrain from bad mouthing your children’s parent in front of them

During the holidays it is not unusual for parents to become upset if they are not able to have their children “on” a specific holiday. It is important to remember that the well-being of your children is the most important thing. If they begin to associate the holidays as a time of tension then nothing you do with them will be enjoyable. It is my goal with this series to urge parents to help children build happy memories, new traditions, and spend time with family- even if the family time has to be somewhat flexible as to when it occurs.

When parents are able to navigate the holidays smoothly then the children are able to approach this time with happiness and joy rather than trepidation and stress. Children will follow their parents lead and be flexible so long as both parents appear content with the arrangements.

If you have a holiday conflict it is always best to attempt to work it out amongst the parents. However, if a custody dispute cannot be settled then consulting with a family law attorney may be in order. Call our Las Vegas fathers’ rights lawyer today to schedule an appointment.