Young child on phoneThis is the next post in my series addressing issues which Las Vegas fathers have to address when children go back to school and how to navigate such issues with minimal Court intervention. My last post served as an introduction of topics I will be discussing over the next several weeks. In this post I will explain common changes that can occur to a child’s new school schedule that parents should identify and plan for as soon as possible.

Activities and social obligations often create a cause for change in a child’s former visitation schedule

When children are younger then it is often easy for parents who live in the same general area to split their time with the child during the school week. However as a child grows older new limitations are often placed on their time. After school activities, weekend sporting matches, and an increased time with friends and study groups can throw a wrench in the custody schedule that worked fine the previous year. It is important to identify changes to the child’s needs, which will make last year’s schedule unrealistic, in order for parents to make this adjustment smoothly.

Once parents identify their child’s needs then they can determine what adjustments the previous year’s child custody schedule may need. For instance, if a child is going to have an increase in homework and one parent does not have a suitable place in their home for the child to study then it may be necessary for the child to visit that parent more on weekends. Or if a child needs to be picked up from school later in the evening, and only one parent has transportation available, it may be necessary to change which home the child will spend the night. By comparing the child’s schedule to both parent’s availability most families can workout a schedule that works for everyone.

Clark County Family Court intervention may be necessary if the child’s mother uses a child’s schedule to avoid visitation time

There is often a fine line between being flexible with a child’s schedule and ensuring that one receives quality time with their child. All parents find that as their child grows into a teenager they become more independent and have less time available to spend with their parents. However, if two parents have a history of a contentious relationship then it is possible for a child’s mother to use the child’s school schedule as an excuse to withhold visitation. If a father has attempted to be a flexible as possible, but feels that he is being purposefully shut out, then it may be necessary to go back to the Clark County Family Court. If the custody agreement calls for joint custody, or a certain amount of visitation, then a child’s mother must be willing to work with the father to honor that plan. When a child’s mother refuses to compromise then it may be necessary to head back to Court and have a Judge sign off on a more rigid schedule.

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