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Are you paying child support for a child that might not be yours?  Do you want to establish your parenting rights even though you are not on the birth certificate?  Don’t give up without talking to a Las Vegas fathers’ rights lawyer.  The first step to resolving these fathers’ rights issues is establishing paternity through a court-ordered paternity test. Contact attorney Kari Molnar today to learn more about fathers’ rights and paternity. Call 702.966.8315 to arrange a confidential consultation. We offer competitive rates. Your future and the future of the child may depend on your obtaining quality representation.

Attorneys for Challenged Paternity Cases in Nevada

While some paternity cases involve a mother seeking to establish paternity of a child, more and more frequently it is the father who brings a paternity issue to light. Las Vegas paternity attorney Kari Molnar understands the value of a child’s relationship with the father. It is important to legally establish paternity if, as the father, you wish to bring a case for Nevada child visitation. Kari can assist you in seeking a DNA paternity test in order to prove a child is yours, or to exclude you as the father of a child.

Paternity is the first step to establishing custody and visitation. Until it is legally established that one is the father of the child, one cannot ask the Court for visitation. Once paternity is established, Kari can provide legal representation in the following areas:

If the mother claims you are not the father and, through DNA testing, it is determined that you are the father, the mother may have to pay your attorney fees. Furthermore, if it is shown that the mother has unreasonably denied your requests for time with the child then the Court may be willing to grant you status as the primary physical custodian.

If a mother is claiming that you are the father of a child, Kari will defend you at all steps of the process. These steps will include DNA testing, custody determinations (if you are found to be the father), child support calculations, and your relationship with the child or children going forward.

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