Father pushing child on swingThis is the next post in my series discussing measures a Las Vegas father can take if the mother of his child has filed a false Protective Order against him. My last post discussed the pros and cons of asking the Clark County Family Court for primary custody in the event that the mother has filed a bad faith TPO request against the father. This post will discuss further precautionary measures a father should take as he moves forward with his co-parenting relationship.

If a mother has filed a false TPO against a father due to a devious reason (such as wanting to gain an edge in a custody dispute, or as a way to get personal revenge) then a father should be cautious in all dealings moving forward. While it is not feasible to completely cut off contact with the mother there are policies a father can put into place to ensure he is never put in such a position again.

First, it is important to limit all interactions with the mother to only necessary exchanges regarding the child. Do not “hang out” with the mother socially, particularly without the child present. Avoid being in private quarters with the mother or being inside of her home alone. Whenever possible wait outside for the child during custody exchanges or meet in a public place to exchange the child if necessary. If there is a possibility of being falsely accused of violence then it may be prudent to bring a witness during custody exchanges whenever possible.

Second, place as much of your communication with the mother as possible in writing. Use email, text messaging, and other electronic communications to discuss changes to the child’s schedule, disciplinary concerns, issues surrounding child support, or any other issue related to the child. If you speak to the mother on the phone regarding an issue then send a text or email recapping the conversation. Ensure that all communication strictly remains about the child. Do not comment on the mother’s personal life, personal conduct, or insult the mother in anyway. If the mother’s personal life is posing a danger to the child in some way then discuss the matter with your attorney in order to decide how to move forward.

Finally, ensure that your private life remains private. Do not allow your ex to follow you on social media platforms, or if you must, refrain from posting photos or messages that will cause drama. Your ex should not be able to see photographs of other women you are dating or the places you go to to socialize in your free time. Do not attempt to make your ex jealous or “punish” her in anyway. Take all steps necessary to ensure that the only thing you and your ex have to talk about are your child and issues related to your child.

It should be mentioned that the above steps assume that one’s relationship with their ex is not and cannot be at this time, amicable. While it is always preferable for co-parents to be able to get along and spend some amount of time as a family if one person has filed a false TPO then this act should be taken seriously. TPO’s filed for malicious reasons could lead to a father having criminal charges filed against him, could disrupt his job, his living situation, and could cause an undue stigma. The above recommendations are meant to ensure that a father is never placed in a situation where such false allegations could be made again. If you are concerned about your ex moving forward from a false TPO then contact a Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney.