Child holding fathers armThis is the first post in a series I will be writing to explain what Las Vegas fathers can expect from the legal process when filing for an emergency change to a child custody custody order. I am writing this series because it is not unusual for a father to feel uncertain about what to do when he suspects that the mother’s home is no longer a safe environment for his child. During the course of this series I will be going through the step by step legal process in detail, so that fathers in difficult positions are prepared for what will transpire.

The information in this series is meant to apply to fathers in a number of situations. The most common situation is fathers who share joint custody with a mother, and who believe that the mother is no longer fit to take care of the child. However, it may also apply to fathers who have visitation, or even fathers who have primary custody and no longer believe their child’s mother is capable of unsupervised visitation.

Topics that I will be discussing throughout the course of this series include:

  • The importance of beginning the legal process immediately once a dangerous situation has come to one’s attention
  • What to expect from an initial emergency hearing
  • Evidence one’s attorney will collect during the discovery process
  • What one can expect during a change of custody trial
  • Issues to be aware of in the trial’s aftermath

Filing for an emergency change of custody can be a difficult process on the entire family. However a father’s most important job is to keep his children safe; if he believes his children are not protected then he must take action. Contact my office today for to speak with a child custody attorney.