Two children walking to school. Las Vegas fathers often face difficulty with the start of a new year. It is common for parents to disagree over which Clark County school a child will attend. The stress of this situation is often worsened when dads wait to go to court so that the matter can be resolved. The court process takes time and it is important that you contact an attorney immediately if you are arguing with the mother over school attendance. In other words, call a lawyer today if you are facing this problem.

Varying circumstances lead to Las Vegas parents arguing over which school a child will attend

There are a few common circumstances under which Nevada fathers find themselves arguing with an ex in regards to which school the child will attend. The first of these circumstances is when one of the parties moves to a different part of the Las Vegas area and the child may now be zoned for a different school. The second circumstance arises when the child is graduating from one school and there is disagreement over where the child should attend next; an example of this would be parents disagreeing over which high school a child will attend after graduating from middle school. If you find yourself in either of these situations then it is important that you try to quickly resolve the issue with the mother. Quite often, however, these types of issues cannot be resolved and it becomes necessary to involve the Court so that the Judge may make a decision on school choice.

You should contact a fathers’ rights attorney immediately if you are a dad who cannot agree with the mother on school attendance. This dispute can be resolved by filing a Motion To Determine School Attendance with the Clark County Family Court. This process, however, can take time and it is important that you get the issue resolved sooner rather than at the last minute. The Court may wish to hear evidence which takes time to gather and, as a result, the Judge may not be able to issue a decision until after the school year has started. This can result in your child beginning the year at one school and then switching to another, which is not good for the child. Again, if you are a Las Vegas dad in this situation then call a lawyer immediately.

Factors that Las Vegas Family Court Judges will consider when deciding what school a child will attend

Las Vegas Family Court Judges will consider a variety of factors when deciding which school a child should attend for the coming school year. These include the overall quality of the school, whether the school offers an advantage (such as certain extracurriculars or academic programs) which are unavailable in other schools, and how the child’s social relationships will be impacted by any change. The older a child is the more likely the Court will be to lean towards the child’s preference. Having a lawyer who understands what issues the Judge will be concerned with may make the difference in a father’s argument about which school his child should attend.