This is the final post in my series discussing how a Las Vegas father can retain effective counsel on a budget, whether his case is regarding a divorce or a child custody matter. Throughout this series I have discussed many important areas to consider when searching for an attorney.

Topics I have discussed include:

I wrote this series because I am aware that many people dread hiring an attorney, in large part because legal services are often seen as a money drain. Some people may view lawyers as unscrupulous when it comes to charging large fees. It is my goal with this series to educate clients; it is possible to retain legal services for a fair and affordable price. However, it is important that clients do their homework, and avoid hiring the first person they meet with. I encourage fathers to have consultations with at least two different attorneys so that they can compare the experience. It is also important to ask questions, like what will the service cost, what is one getting for their money, approximately how long can one expect the process to take, etc. Potential clients should be wary of a lawyer who avoids answering questions regarding their service, or who is not willing to take the time to explain their fee agreement.

Too often, fathers with a limited budget do not win a fair outcome in Court, because they go unrepresented. It is my hope with this series that fathers realize they have options and can stand up for the rights they are entitled to. For more information, contact our Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney today to schedule a consultation.