father playing cars with childThis is the final post in the series I recently published regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada. I wrote this article to caution Las Vegas fathers who share custody of their children, that just because marijuana will now be legal, does not mean that the Family Court won’t punish a parent who abuses drugs in front of their child.

Throughout the course of this series I have attempted to provide fathers with guidelines to follow with regards to using recreational- and medical marijuana for that matter- in a responsible way. This series applies to any parent with children but is particularly relevant to parents who share custody or enjoy visitation with their children. For fathers who have a contentious relationship with their child’s parent, or who have been accused of using marijuana irresponsibly in the past by such parent, this series was written to help protect a man’s custodial rights.

Throughout the course of this series I have specifically addressed the following topics:

Now that marijuana will be legal, if a parent is accused of drug abuse, the Court will be focused on how a father’s marijuana use puts the child in danger and not whether or not he has a history of smoking. If a father is accused of misusing cannabis around his child then it is important to realize that this is still a big deal. A skilled family law attorney will take steps to prove that the father uses marijuana responsibly, that the child has never been in danger, and that the father’s recreational use does not occur during his time as a parental supervisor. If your ex is taking you to Court of marijuana use, contact my office today to speak with a Las Vegas child custody attorney.