Father and sonThis is the final post in my series on Helping Las Vegas Fathers Understand Child Relocation Laws. In my last several posts I have discussed a number of topics and various scenarios that frequently come up for fathers when one parent wishes to leave the state. Throughout this series I have provided information for fathers who both wish to move outside of Nevada with their child and fathers who wish to block a mother from taking their child away. During this series, specific posts have included:

Throughout this series, I have emphasized the importance of consulting with a family law attorney right away, and filing an appropriate Motion with the Court, when it comes to matters of a child relocation. In past blog series I have discussed how unbundled legal services can help a father save money in legal fees and how such services allow a parent on a budget to file portions of their own paperwork. When it comes to child relocations, I highly advise against filing one’s own motions. Nevada Courts will not hesitate to deny a request on the spot that is frivolous or poorly thought out. A seasoned family law attorney will ensure that the initial motion contains all of the necessary information that a Judge will be looking for when it comes to considering whether or not a child should be allowed to move.

When it comes to a child relocation request then the Judge’s decision impacts whether your child will remain in Nevada. The risk of losing the ability to live with your child is too great to not invest in a competent attorney. If you are in need of a child relocation lawyer then contact my Henderson office today. I service the greater Las Vegas area.