Scared boyThis is the next post in my series discussing when a Las Vegas father must file for an emergency change in child custody. My last post discussed when a father should take action if they suspect a mother’s mental health condition is endangering the children. In this post I will be discussing the signs of child abuse and when a father must take action.

The police and Child Protective Services must be called when children are in danger

The topic of child abuse is very sensitive; many families have different opinions when it comes to “turning someone in” by calling Child Protective Services (CPS). Whatever your opinions may be of inviting a government agency into your family’s business, there are a few facts that Las Vegas fathers must understand. Children are not able to defend themselves and it is the duty of parents, teachers, police, the Courts, etc. to keep children safe when they are in danger. There are legal definitions of child abuse; if you are aware that child abuse is occurring, and you do not personally report it, then the Clark County Family Court may question whether you are fit for custody as well.

In Nevada, child abuse occurs when a person willfully causes anyone under the age of 18 to suffer substantial bodily harm or emotional suffering through abuse or neglect. There is often confusion with regards to corporal punishment such as spankings; most physicians will consider a mark or bruise from a spanking, lashing, or whipping to be abuse, if a mark is made that lasts more than 24-hours. If a father observes marks or bruises on his children then it is very important to ask your children how they got there and to contact the police. If your relationship with your ex allows it then it may be appropriate to have a conversation regarding discipline. If the mother of your children is not receptive to learning more appropriate ways to discipline your children then it is important to contact a Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney and file for a change in custody.

Las Vegas fathers should be alert to signs of emotional abuse and neglect

Not all signs of abuse are visible. The majority of child abuse is emotional in nature and neglect is almost always involved. Fathers should pay attention to reports their children make regarding being left unsupervised in the home, being locked out of the house, not being fed, or enduring unusual punishments such as being locked in closets. Fathers should also observe if their children appear dirty, do not have weather appropriate clothing, or appear fearful of their mother.

As a father it is your duty to protect your children no matter what. Reporting a mother for abuse can be a difficult process. Your children’s safety must be a top priority. If you have suspicions of child abuse then contact my office today for a consultation and learn your options. I aggressively protect the rights of fathers throughout the greater Las Vegas area