Father holding son by oceanThis is the first blog post in a series on the types of child custody and visitation issues that Las Vegas fathers face during the summer months. Summer can be an especially stressful time. It can be the period of greatest tension between parents even though it is supposed to be a “carefree” time for your little ones. If you are having difficulties hammering out summertime issues with your ex then it is important your contact an attorney immediately.


There are several types of issues that fathers face in the summer months. Issues I will discuss over my next few posts include:

  • How to ensure that you receive your summertime visitation with the child
  • How to ensure that you stay in contact with your child if summers are spent with the mother
  • How to proceed if a child refuses to cooperate with the Court’s visitation order
  • How a child’s summertime drug use can impact child custody
  • Resolving conflicts over which Clark County school the child will attend during the coming year

These issues arise regularly. How Nevada’s Family Courts handle such matters will be determined by a variety of factors such as history of the case and the reason for which the current dispute is occurring. If the mother is blatantly violating the Court’s orders then, under some circumstances, a father may be able to modify the custodial arrangement so that he either gains primary custody or restricts the mother’s visitation.

If you are having summertime disputes then it is important that you do not engage in “self-help.” It is important that you follow the Court’s custody orders to the letter and that you use the legal process to rectify any disputes you may be having with your ex. Too often, Las Vegas fathers engage in acts such as not returning a child due to their ex’s lack of cooperation. Engaging in self-help, such as refusing to turn the child over to the mother, can result in your visitation being reduced or in the mother gaining primary custody of the child. This is another reason why you should contact an attorney immediately.
I will be discussing these, and several other issues over the next several posts. If you require the services of a Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney then contact me online or via telephone immediately.