Attorney Assisting Las Vegas Fathers With Temporary Protective Orders

Many temporary protective orders (TPOs) arise out of panic and uncertainty, not out of domestic violence or fear. Sadly, fathers are sometimes wrongfully named in temporary protective orders during divorce.  If you feel you are wrongly facing a protective order, there is something you can do. Talk to an attorney right away, especially if you have recently been served divorce papers. Contact Las Vegas attorney Kari Molnar today to schedule your consultation.

Protect Your Rights Against a Protective Order

Sometimes temporary protective orders are not legitimate.  Sometimes mothers file TPOs along with divorce filings in order to manufacture evidence for the future Nevada child custody case. Kari has significant experience representing fathers wrongly facing TPOs, and we have been successful in defending them.  Our goal is to expose the truth, protect your custody rights as a Nevada father, and to protect your relationship with your children.

Fathers often panic when served with a Temporary Protective Order. The Court is well aware that applications for such Orders are sometimes filed by mothers in an attempt to manufacture evidence for a divorce case. Do not believe that, just because a TPO has been filed against you, that the Court is going to automatically believe the accusations made in the application. It is imperative that you hire an experienced Family Court Litigator, such as Kari, to ensure that an attempt to distort the truth does not result in a meritless TPO being granted against you.

We will analyze your case, determine if the TPO has any merit, explain your options, and we will fight to have the order dismissed so that you can enter your home and see your children.

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