Nevada Fathers’ Rights Attorneys for Unbundled Court Appearances

While people used to have no other choice but to hire an attorney and pay a large retainer for legal services, these days there is a high demand for representation during single court appearances.  If you have a court hearing tomorrow or next week, and you’re concerned about representing yourself, contact Las Vegas family law attorney Kari Molnar today. We are able to perform unbundled appearances for most types of family law matters and we will represent you as aggressively as we do for all of our clients. Call 702.966.8315 to arrange a consultation today.

Are you Las Vegas Father Who Needs a Lawyer for a Single Court Hearing?

If you have prepared for your court appearance on your own, and you simply need an attorney to accompany you to court, we are ready to assist you. Kari Molnar, Esq. will meet with you to review your case and will act on your behalf at the hearing.  Typical hearings in which we offer flat-fee legal representation involve:

There are several advantages to unbundled legal services. You may have a meritorious case but if it is not presented correctly then you will likely not get the results you deserve. Kari understands how to present your case and will make sure that your points are made to the Judge in a correct manner so that your arguments are fully considered and you get a “fair shake.” Other advantages of unbundled representation include lower costs and the ability to have representation at Court even if you cannot afford to fully retain an attorney.

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To learn more about our limited-scope legal services or our flat-fee services, schedule a consultation by contacting us online or by calling 702.966.8315.  We explain our fees up front and will provide you with aggressive Las Vegas legal representation.