Boy points at activities on calendar learning daysThis is the next post in my series discussing how a Las Vegas father can successfully manage and co-parent their school age children and adjust to any new schedule requirements. My last post explained how to ensure that both parents are in the loop with regards to educational needs. In this post I will explain how using a shared calendar can prevent a number of scheduling problems and hurt feelings.

Shared calendars ensure that everyone has correct dates and times for a child’s event

It is no secret that most children are not great at giving a parent advanced notice when it comes to scheduling. Whether it is sporting events, music recitals, carpool pick up, or some other important school event, a child will not always remember to tell both parents about what is happening in their lives. This can unintentionally lead to one parent feeling left out, hurt feelings, or the child unexpectedly finding themselves without transportation to an event. The most effective way to avoid scheduling problems is for both parents to work together to utilize an electronic calendar- such as Google’s shared calendar- in order to communicate important dates, times, and locations that are happening in the child’s life.

Shared calendars can not only help both parents plan for a child’s events accordingly, it can take the pressure off of the child to ensure they have informed both parents of the events going on in their lives. It is natural for a child to forget to mention activities they have going on until the last minute and it is difficult enough for them to remember to tell one parent. If both parents have access to the same calendar then they can work together to ensure that both have access to the same information.

Ease of an electronic calendar can allow parents to update their schedule as they receive information

Children tend to drop information bombs at inopportune times. It is easy to forget to update the other parent of information that was provided during school pickup or at some other time when the parent was busy. Electronic calendars can be updated and shared with others through one’s cell phone, allowing a parent to share scheduling information as they receive it. If both parents commit to practicing this habit, it can go a long way to preventing one parent from unintentionally being left uninvited to an important school event.

As a Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney I often see parents fight about issues that can largely be boiled down to problems with communication and disorganization. Taking advantage of modern technology can help streamline the parenting process and ensure that both parents have the opportunity to remain an active part of their child’s life. If you are involved in a custody dispute, it is important to speak to your attorney before taking action. Contact my office today for more information.