Scared boyThis is the next post in my discussion on when a Las Vegas father should file for an emergency change in custody. In my last post, I discussed warning signs that your child may be physically abused or neglected by their mother. In this post I will be discussing an equally sensitive topic- warning signs that your child has been molested or exposed to sexually inappropriate behavior. If your child is in such a situation then you should contact child protective services and law enforcement immediately.

Biological fathers may be wary of having their children exposed to a new boyfriend

It is understandable that both parents will eventually begin to date when a couple splits up. It is natural for dads to worry about their children being exposed to a new man in their mother’s life. For the most part this worry is unfounded and a father may just have to learn to adjust to a new adult being around their children. However, there are certain men who target women with children and it is smart for a father to be able to recognize any warning signs.

To begin with it is important to be immediately wary of any person with a criminal record who is exposed to your children. Nevada has a state database of all persons who have been convicted of a sexual offense and who are living in the state; if a new man in your children’s life is listed as having a prior conviction it is important to take immediate action. A Clark County Family Court Judge can Order a mother to not allow a boyfriend with a prior sexual conviction to have any contact with her children. However, many molesters are never caught and it is important to notice any behavioral changes in your children. Signs of potential sexual abuse may include unexplained anger outbursts, sudden nightmares and sleeping problems, developmental regression such as bed wetting, unexplained clinginess, an intense fear of being alone with a specific adult, or unusual secretiveness. Children who are abused may act out in inappropriate ways such as by acting out sex scenes with dolls or with other children, or using sexual terms that are developmentally advanced for their age. Fathers should also pay attention to unexplained bruising, recurring pain while urinating, or genital sores.

Fathers who suspect their children are being sexually abused must seek help immediately

If you suspect your child is being sexually abused then it is important to take action right away. Contact the police and child protective services. Provide them both with as much information as possible. If the threat is immediate then it is likely your children will be removed from the care of their mother. Las Vegas fathers’ rights lawyer Kari Molnar will immediately file for an emergency change in custody while the case is being properly investigated. Child Protective Services and/or the police will then launch an investigation into the allegation. Your child will likely be interviewed by a specialist, and may be ordered to further psychological therapy.

If you believe your children are being abused then it is important to take action right away. Contact our fathers’ rights attorney in order to protect your children.