This is the final post in my series discussing what Las Vegas husbands need to know about moving on with their lives while their divorce is still being finalized. I began this series because while separating from one’s spouse comes with a level of freedom, it is not unusual for a husband to inadvertently sabotage his divorce settlement by dating during the process. Throughout this series I have attempted to touch on typical scenarios so that fathers may make informed decisions while navigating the dating waters while their divorce is pending.

Throughout this series I have discussed several topics including:

Throughout this series I have stressed that the Court cannot and will not tell a husband what they can and cannot do in their personal life. However, it is important to remember that even though a relationship is over, until the divorce is finalized, one still continues to share assets with their ex. This lack of thinking of property and money as “ours” often leads men to make choices in their dating life that can have potential negative consequences on their divorce settlement. It is important to reiterate that your divorce lawyer will not necessarily advise against dating while your divorce is pending, but that there are potential consequences to certain actions, and a man must sometimes make choices and priorities.

If you are going through a Las Vegas divorce and have questions as to how your personal life may affect your settlement it is important to discuss all concerns with your attorney. Contact our family law office today to schedule a consultation.