children running to classThis is the next post in my series on how Las Vegas fathers should proceed when their child is failing in school. My last article discussed the fact that fathers must attempt to co-parent when their child is failing. Working with the mother to help the child, and avoiding confrontation is important to both the child’s self-esteem and development. In this article I will discuss the topic of when the Clark County Family Court will involve itself in issues related to a child’s education. If you are in need of assistance then contact my office today to speak with a lawyer.

A Court will not involve itself in a child’s education simply because the child is failing. There are times when a child may not be doing well due to issues relating to the parents. There are other times, however, when a child may be failing due to the fact that they are simply not as capable as other children when it comes to academics. If the parents are doing everything that is necessary to assist the child, but the child is still failing, then the Court would be unlikely to intervene and assess whether custody must be changed in order to help the child. There are situations, however, where the Court will involve itself.

If a child is failing due to a “parent problem” then the Court may be willing to modify custody in order to assist the child. Say, for example, a mother has primary custody and the father has visitation two days per week. Now say that the child has an above-average absence rate and is regularly tardy. Now say that the child is regularly coming to school having not completed his or her homework. Such shortcomings could clearly be the fault of the parent with primary custody. It is after all the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the child gets to school on time, that they complete their homework, etc. Depending on the circumstances, the failure of the primary parent could be a potential factor in any request to change or modify child custody. As with any custody case, how the Court rule will always depend on the specific facts.

If your child is not doing well in school then it is important that you discuss the matter with a lawyer as soon as possible. As a Las Vegas fathers’ rights attorney I regularly assist dads who find themselves in such a situation. Contact my office today to schedule an initial consultation.