Father and sonThis is my second post in my “Options for Las Vegas Fathers to Handle Their Own Child Custody Matter” series. My last post served as a general overview of what I am going to discuss over the next several articles. In this post I am going to focus on the importance of obtaining a Nevada child custody order. Many father’s often initially attempt to work out a visitation arrangement privately, following the breakdown of a relationship. However, without a custody order in place, your parental rights may not be protected, and you may lose access to your child.

Why Nevada fathers need to establish a Nevada Custody Order

Whether or not you want to obtain primary-physical custody or joint-physical custody of your children, it is important to establish your rights as a father. If you have no orders in place, then it leaves you open to the back and forth arguing about whose day it is to have the children. Not having an order can even result in your ex calling the police.

Too many times I have seen a situation where the two parties feel they can work things out on their own and things go south. Agreements are broken, arguments take place and the children are caught in the middle. It is much simpler and less costly to file for child custody orders right away. This will allow you to save yourself a lot of heartache and hassles in the long run. If you need assistance with your custody and visitation orders, please contact my office today.

Obtaining an Order for Nevada Child Custody Establishes your Rights as a Father

If you want to fight for primary custody of your child, you have to legally establish that you are the biological father. Until paternity is established you have no rights to the child at all. Establishing paternity is the first step in taking part in your child’s life. The first step in establishing paternity and custody is to file a Complaint for Paternity. As part of any paternity case the Court will also issue custody and visitation orders.

Having these rights established is important as you and the mother may have come to an agreement on your own only for her to have changed her mind. If this happens, and you are not listed on the birth certificate, then you will have no legal recourse. Children are the most important aspects of our lives. If you need assistance with any of your Nevada custody matters, please contact my office today.