Father with small sonThis is the next post in my series on the rights of Las Vegas fathers. My last post discussed how Nevada family law applies to fathers and briefly touched on topics that will be discussed in the future. In this post I will be discussing what rights fathers’ have during divorce proceedings.

Temporary child custody and visitation may be established at the outset of the Clark County, Nevada divorce process

Nevada divorces can be wrapped up in a few weeks or the process may stretch out for over a year. The time difference is dependent on how much the couple in question disagrees over the terms of divorce. If an amicable solution can not be reached then the process will take longer. The length of time will increase further for couples with a larger number of issues in dispute. Many fathers worry about maintaining a relationship with their children while a divorce is in process. Mothers may attempt to block dads from seeing their children in a contentious case. One may also be in a situation where the children are primarily residing with the mother. Fortunately the Clark County Family Court has mechanisms in place to ensure that a Las Vegas father can maintain a relationship with his children during a contentious case.

The Courts’ recognize that parents going through a divorce require temporary custody solution while the case is progressing. At the beginning of the case your attorney may file a request for the Court to issue a temporary custody order. This will put an arrangement, which the mother must follow, in place while the case is progressing. The temporary order will not necessarily reflect what the final Judgement will look like. It will, however, provide a structure for both parents to follow until the Court can review all of the facts of the case. Filing this request for temporary custody is often crucial to dads wishing to maintain a relationship with their children during the course of a divorce.

Las Vegas Fathers may hurt their case for custody if they do not exercise visitation rights with children

Fathers sometimes hurt their chances by not exercising their child visitation rights while a divorce case is proceeding. A father might think it best to move out of the home and give the family space until the divorce is final. However, if a divorce drags on and the father does not set up structured time to see his children then the mother will have a stronger argument that he is not an involved parent. You never know how long a divorce might take and weeks without structured visitation may turn into months. All along this time span the father may be missing crucial events in his children’s life. A Judge will often see this as not being involved or not caring about one’s children. That is why it is important to have documentation that a father is taking advantage of all of the time he is allowed with his children.

If you are a father currently going through a divorce then it is important to protect your rights. Contact our Las Vegas child custody attorney today to set up a consultation.